Shuz. campaign announcement

Shuz. campaign announcement: Little princess playing dress up is an absolute eye candy!

It is not unusal for little girls to often imagine their perfect fairy tale wedding. This is often done by playing dress up with their mother’s makeup, pearl necklaces, clothes and of course shoes.

These playfull moments were captured by Shuz. designers Ljudmila Mihajlović and Maja Žirovčić, in a video announcing their new wedding shoes collection.

“For years now we have created unique sneakers that are a special memento of your wedding day. Every model is personalized and tailored to the person for whom it was created, the design itself, inscriptions (such as Bride to be, Just Married, Forever Together etc.) and there is always the option to add the date of the wedding day. Our biggest accomplishment is when we get messages of satisfied customers who most often praise our dedication and craftsmanship ” – says Maja.

Shuz. as a favorite wedding shoes brand, again have a collection that offers a completely different choice of footweat for weddings and other festive occasions.

“The collection is dominated by pastel colour tones. The materials used are mostly ornamented lace, fine satin and gentle tulle which are still the most popular materials chosen by our brides!” says Ljudmila.

The director of the video is a Zagreb based videographer and film director with many years of experience – Vanja Vascarac, while the creative concept and realization are the work of designers Ljudmila Mihajlovic and Maja Zirovcic.

You can shop the collection at Shuz. studio (Vlaška 12/Cesarčeva 5, Europski trg, Zagreb) and be sure to announce your arrival via the official facebook page or by e-mail [email protected].