How to choose your ideal wedding Shuz. – 4 essential rules!

Rule number 1

Choose a good size
This is the first step in getting the right pair of your perfect Wedding Shuz. Our advice is to go a size up than the one you usually wear, because our sizes run a bit smaller plus lets be honest, our feet swell up after a long day 🙂 So comfort is an absolute priority.
With this rule applied, dance until dawn is guaranteed!

Rule number 2

Match the color of your Wedding Shuz. with the color of a wedding or wedding dress.
You can’t go wrong with classic delicate pastel shades such as ivory or nude. Also a great idea is to style and match the Shuz. color with your bouquet. Not only will this look just amazing in your wedding photos but will also give you your own personalized stamp to your wedding outfit.

Rule number 3

Less is more
With hand-made sneakers, sky is the limit imagination wise. Although you have the freedom to
choose whatever you want, if you choose more classic lace models you can’t go wrong. As designers we often witness that
brides can not decide what exactly they want and then what happens is that they want everything! Our recommendation is to choose one personalization and one detail that will stand out –
Do not distract attention from it with extra-extra details, let that one special detail be the star!

Rule No. 4

Order your Wedding Shuz. in time
Although we need aprox. 10 days to make your Wedding Shuz., take the time to choose your perfect pair and give us enough time to make them. Don’t make the order last minute. Also all our sneakers are unique and certain models can’t be repeated and are made in just a few copies,
because the materials we work with are in limited quantities. So because of that be sure to get the model you want and not to miss it 😉